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TechLaw Solutions is now part of UBIC Inc., a publicly traded, global technology company headquartered in Japan. UBIC specializes in global eDiscovery, investigations, digital forensic services, and big data analytics. UBIC’s proprietary technology provides specialized expertise in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) languages, and encompasses the full-spectrum of the EDRM to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, integrity, and security.

TechLaw Solutions and UBIC offer a full range of services to help manage costs and reduce the amount of ESI that requires review.

e-Discovery services include:


Corporations and law firm attorneys can significantly enhance their expertise with expert business and advisory services. TechLaw Solutions leverages decades of experience and deep knowledge in electronic discovery, technology, accounting, finance, and economics to assist clients in discovery, fact-finding, and quantitative analysis on claims, disputes, litigation, compliance matters, and investigations.

Significant depth and breadth of experience enables TechLaw Solutions to quickly assess matters at issue to develop strategic, focused, analytical, and practical solutions for complex client challenges, as well as litigation and dispute resolution. This approach allows us to maintain close client involvement, providing the capabilities expected of a large firm with the responsiveness and efficiency of a smaller organization. Our clear priority is to ensure that we maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to serve each client with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

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Litigation Hold Management

Performing legal holds is a requirement in modern litigation. A legal hold is both an event and a process in which an organization is obligated to identify and preserve relevant information for a potential law suit, audit, or investigation. To do this, the organization must identify which individuals are involved with the matter, where and how these individuals store data and documents, which of these information sources are potentially relevant, and where the relevant information is being stored. Once the data is collected, it must be safely preserved throughout the life of the matter.

TechLaw Solutions legal hold management solution, powered by kCura's Method, is designed to address these challenges. This flexible, web-based application provides the tools needed to efficiently perform the many tasks associated with conducting legal holds in an organized, defensible manner. Method can streamline and centralize complex legal hold processes through customizable templates and repeatable workflows, saving time and effort for the individuals who manage legal holds.Learn More

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Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessment (ECA) provides attorneys and their litigation support teams the ability to analyze case related data to formulate and explore potential strategies at the outset of the electronic discovery process. Effective analysis leads directly to significant data reduction and therefore less time needing to be spent on traditional data review.

Incorporating Venio, powered by TechLaw Solutions, corporate legal clients can focus on reducing the time and cost of final review through the opportunity to examine and manage data in a "first pass review" process. Applying ECA in a "cloud-style" environment enables corporations to keep their intellectual property in house, reducing potential exposure of sensitive information and allowing outside counsel to focus solely on the responsive data related to the case. Social network mapping provides the ability to assess all required custodians related to the particular case. The visually driven interface and familiar linear process facilitate quick deployment so that attorneys and internal IT departments have more time to focus on the collection and review of their data rather than set-up and usability of software. TechLaw Solutions consulting experts add additional value by providing valuable insight into techniques to be used conducting early case assessment and throughout the e-Discovery process.Learn More

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Properly collecting electronically stored information (ESI) is critical to successful e-Discovery outcomes. TechLaw Solutions offers data collection and preservation services to meet your litigation compliance needs. Data is securely handled maintaining content integrity, chain-of-custody, and defensibility.

TechLaw Solutions can quickly deploy a data collection team for small or enterprise-wide projects. Use of proven, repeatable, and defensible data collection protocols, comprehensive chain-of-custody practices, and secure data storage protocols, TechLaw Solutions data harvesting experts deliver top-quality service and peace of mind.
Learn More

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Analysis & Near Duplicate Detection

Successful e-Discovery is dependent upon utilizing proper analysis techniques. Your TechLaw Solutions experienced consultants routinely apply their expertise to make certain the appropriate data is available for processing and review.

TechLaw Solutions manages the analysis phase utilizing state-of-the-art technology to:

  • Search documents for selected criteria
  • Analyze and Derive Metadata based on content, author, and  key phrasing
  • Create Guided Navigation allowing reviewers to drill-down or drill-up on important documents and concepts

TechLaw Solutions has integrated Equivio's industry-leading "near-duplicate" identification technology with Lexposé. Related documents are grouped for common review, providing greater consistency in analysis and classification, often resulting in a significant reduction of document collections and resulting costs. Learn More
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Properly processing ESI is critical in the e-Discovery lifecycle. Utilizing the appropriate technology can reduce electronic document collections by as much as 85%; speeding processing and reducing the amount of professional time required reviewing data collections.

Early on TechLaw Solutions recognized the need for premier electronic processing technology. Lexposé™, originally developed by TechLaw Solutions in 1999, and continually updated and enhanced, provides accurate and cost effective processing of ESI for review or production. Using Lexposé, TechLaw Solutions consultants filter ESI using multiple sets of criteria.

Data is routinely filtered by keyword and/or by file creation / file modification date to eliminate documents that do not meet threshold relevance criteria. Duplicate files are identified using the MD5 hash algorithm, which gives every file a unique "digital fingerprint" that can quickly be compared to other documents.
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Hosted Data Review

TechLaw Solution's hosted review platform, powered by Relativity, delivers dynamic organization, searching, viewing, annotating, tagging, and production for e-Discovery and scanned hard copy document collections.

Hosted Data Review is powerful, flexible, and cost-effective:

  • Offering unlimited capacity -  the largest document collections are easily accommodated without compromising performance
  • Supporting over 250 languages, Unicode, and custom reporting – TechLaw Solutions consultants customize the system to meet the specific needs of each project Learn More
  • Eliminating infrastructure costs – No ongoing expenses for software, maintenance, hardware, or IT support

Reviewers can securely access their discovery materials, run complex searches, categorize documents, and redact images to eliminate privileged or irrelevant information at any time and from any location that offers high-speed internet access. Learn More
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Managed Review

TechLaw Solution's Managed Review .

Managed Review offers many notable benefits:

  • Managed Document Review - end to end defensible, accurate, and cost effective
  • Productivity Metrics – accuracy, productivity, and cost metrics - ALL INCLUDED
  • Pricing – fixed cost, per-doc, per-page, per-gig, or hourly options

The focus of Managed Review is on combining experienced and highly qualified experts, with established techniques and technology to reduce data and speed the process. Together this provides a more predictable and cost effective review, with methodologies created and workflow managed that are transparent and defensible to mitigate risk and achieve cost efficiency. Learn More
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As review progresses and responsive data needs to be produced, production sets can easily be created on the reviewer's site by 'tagging' all relevant items with a unique value. Once tagged, the production team runs quality assurance processes to ensure the document collections are compiled properly. Upon finalization, the production sets move forward to processing.

Production images can be augmented with Bates numbers, stamps (e.g., confidential), and other disclaimers. Delivery media includes CD, DVD, hard drive and other client specified formats.

All produced data can be loaded back into your hosted review system, exported to trial preparation systems, and managed for trial preparation.

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Feb 2-4, 2016

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