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Managed Review Services:

Improved Quality of Review, Cost Predictability, Increased Client Satisfaction



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Managed Review - Considerations:

  • Can you calculate the exact per doc cost from your last review?
  • Are you able to identify the reviewers responsible for 90% of mistakes?
  • Does your review have access to daily reports on accuracy, productivity, and cost data?
  • Are the incentives of your vendor & reviewers aligned with your own?
  • Are you getting the best review team for your money?

Managed Review services are based on a strong foundation of:

The Process

Refined over hundreds of reviews, our well-established process removes unpredictability, delivers complete accuracy, transparency, and defensibility. Multiple pricing models offer unrivaled cost control, aligned incentives, and maximum productivity. Learn More

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The People

Our skilled and experienced Project Managers oversee a review team which has earned its place through consistent high-performance. Learn More

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The Technology

To maintain the highest levels of productivity without giving up anything on accuracy, we actively encourage and utilize Advanced Review Technologies, implemented in a fully defensible manner. Learn More

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